Alevromylos Museum

In a notable attempt to preserve the cultural monuments and revive the history and tradition of the town, Athienou Municipality decided to conserve and restore the traditional flour mill of the town. The mill was in use for decades, from the early 1910's until 1990, reaching its heyday in the 1960's. The donation of a house located near the mill provided the opportunity for the creation of this museum that shares the story of the making of the renowned Athienou bread. Read more...

The town of Athienou, a place rich in cultural heritage, is one of the oldest towns on the island. Its history goes back to the ancient kingdoms of Cyprus, when Athienou was actually the kingdom of Golgoi. Its habitants have always been known for their diligence and their successful engagement with agriculture and farming. Even today, with 65% of its land occupied by Turkish troops, Athienou still has a dynamic role to play in the financial and cultural life in Cyprus. Athienou Municipality was founded in 1926, and since then, it has been contributing significantly to the cultural, educational and social development of the town.

OPPORTUNITY: To establish a satellite museum of the Kallinikeio Municipal Museum, that would serve as an educational site where children and adults would learn about the story of making the bread of Athienou. This would be the place where information design and modern technology would be combined with traditional tools and equipment, providing the opportunity of a "hands -on" experience to the public.

DELIVERABLES: Museum Brand Identity , Printed material from leaflets to pamphlets and books

Pefkios Georgiades Architecture Engineering Consultants Ltd

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