Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou

Kallinikeio Municipal Museum of Athienou was named after monk Kallinikos Stavrovouniotis, one of the greatest contemporary Byzantine icon painters. Born in Athienou in 1920, father Kallinikos has contributed significantly to the cultural development of his hometown with his remarkable icons. Apart from his artistic work, he is considered as a significant benefactor of the town. It is worth noting that the Kallinikeio Municipal Hall of Athienou was built on land donated by him and with his own contribution. Read more...

A large part of the museum is dedicated to this admirable figure: The Collection of Ecclesiastical Art includes icons of renaissance and byzantine style painted by Father Kallinikos, as well as icons from his own personal collection and information about his life and painting techniques. Works by brothers Georgios and Alkis Kepolas, sons of Athienou and contributors in the creation of the museum, are also displayed in this collection. In addition, the museum hosts an Archaeological Collection, containing important archaeological findings from various locations of the town, as well as an Ethnographic Collection, capturing the identity of the town, with exhibits that shed light to every aspect of the life in Athienou in the past and present.

The town of Athienou, a place rich in cultural heritage, is one of the oldest towns on the island. Its history goes back to the ancient kingdoms of Cyprus, when Athienou was actually the kingdom of Golgoi. Its habitants have always been known for their diligence and their successful engagement with agriculture and farming. Even today, with 65% of its land occupied by Turkish troops, Athienou still has a dynamic role to play in the financial and cultural life in Cyprus. Athienou Municipality was founded in 1926, and since then, it has been contributing significantly to the cultural, educational and social development of the town.

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BRAND IDEA: To design a museum that would become a dynamic "member" of the town, and at the same time, a place dedicated to the life and work of father Kallinikos. To capture the identity of the town, the history, and the life of the people of Athienou, and share it with the public in a vibrant and innovative way - through the display of the exhibits and the use of modern technology.

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