Exhibition "Colours of Medieval Cyprus. Aspects of Daily Life 1191-1571"

Colours of Medieval Cyprus presented the remarkable ceramic collection of the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia to the European public. Marking the entry of Cyprus in the European Union in 2004, this notable exhibition revived aspects of the daily life of Cypriots during the historical period of 1191-1571 through the display of glazed pottery, maps and other significant items used by inhabitants of the island during the medieval years. Read more...

The Government of Cyprus has often proven its commitment in protecting and promoting the rich history and cultural heritage of the island. As a crossing point between three continents - Europe, Asia and Africa - Cyprus has a unique blend of civilizations incorporated in its cultural identity, along with a vibrant history of conquers and fights for independence. The dissemination of Cyprus's history and culture across Europe constitutes an exciting challenge for the Government of the country, especially after Cyprus's entry in the European Union, in 2004.

Costas and Rita Severis Foundation was established in 1999, aiming to promote education, peaceful coexistence, understanding and cooperation amongst the people of Cyprus, as well as between the country and its neighbors. Since its establishment, the foundation has contributed significantly to the cultural and educational development in Cyprus. Several cultural and educational events have been organized on the initiative of the foundation. Moreover, Costas and Rita Severis Foundation has paid special attention in promoting research and scholarship programs in the country.

OPPORTUNITY: To present Cyprus as a new member of the European Union, through an exhibition that would emphasize the historical ties which bond the country with the rest of Europe. The beginning of the close historical relationship developed between Cyprus and Europe dates back to the medieval period, when the kingdom of Cyprus became known to the other European kingdoms. Therefore, the exhibition of Cypriot ceramics dating back to those years would be the ideal way to mark the entry of Cyprus in the European Union. Focusing on the colours of medieval Cyprus would add a special touch to the exhibition, offering Londoners and Europeans a glimpse of the unique, colourful world of Cyprus that cannot be found elsewhere in Europe.

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