The Museum of the Pancyprian Gymnasium

Being the oldest secondary school in Cyprus, over the years, the Pancyprian Gymnasium had gathered a large collection of donations, consisting of photos, art work, maps and coins, archaeological findings and other significant items. The need to house these valuable items and share the history they tell with the public was imperative. Their relocation and conservation into a new museum space became possible thanks to the great efforts of the Board of Greek Schools of Nicosia and the Headmasters and Professors of the Pancyprian Gymnasium, and the valuable donation and support of the A. G. Leventis Foundation. Today, these collections are gracefully displayed in a unique 12-room museum space near the school, in the historical center of Nicosia. Read more...

The Pancyprian Gymnasium was founded in 1812 by Archbishop Kyprianos, originally named as the "Hellenic School". With more than 200 years of history, it holds the title of the oldest secondary school still in operation in Cyprus. In 1893, the school was expanded to incorporate a lyceum, while three years later, it was renamed as Pancyprian Gymnasium. Due to its long history and high educational standards, it holds a special place amongst the most significant educational institutions of Hellenism. Several notable personalities of Cyprus, such as Archbishop Makarios (the first president of Cyprus), Tassos Papadopoulos, Glafkos Clerides (past presidents of Cyprus), and the famous poet Demetris Lipertis, graduated from the Pancyprian Gymnasium. Today, the school operates only as a lyceum.

OPPORTUNITY: To select a number of objects among a large collection of items kept in the stores of the school and to highlight their historical value in the settings of a newly established museum. Through a contemporary design and a blend of photos and words, we attempted to present the rich history of the school and its students.

DELIVERABLES: Museum Brand Identity , Printed material from leaflets to pamphlets , Promotional Videos , Idea and concept development , Exhibition design



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